Mainstreaming technology provides key solutions for disaster risk mitigation

Scientists at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) were invited to contribute to a number of chapters in WWDR 2020, including chapter 4 (Water-related extremes and risk management).

SciDev: Tap big data to fight floods and droughts in Africa

And when it comes to adapting to climate change, knowledge is power, which is why a new programme to gather continent-wide information on water could be a game-changer.

Index-Based Flood Insurance: Helping Bihar’s Agricultural Communities

The state of Bihar is India’s most flood prone state. An IWMI led Index-based flood insurance scheme, has delivered real benefits to help alleviate crop loss through floods and has strong potential for scalability.

Community water management and agricultural extension services: effects, impacts and perceptions in the coastal zone of Bangladesh

The coastal region of Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters and these events are expected to worsen as a result of climate change.

Training manual for fecal sludge-based compost production and application

Based on IWMI’s experience, this training manual has been compiled for plant managers and trainers to help ensure that staff involved in FS treatment and production, and application of an FS-based co-compost adopt best practices in all processes involved.